Despite a child’s body being flexible and mobile, stress or injury can impact the function of their spine resulting in undue tension and subluxation.

(Subluxation refers to vertebrae and other bones or joints that are stiff or misaligned, or causing interference to your child’s nervous system.) Subluxations can impair health without obvious symptoms, but there are tell-tale signs that might indicate your child’s spine or nervous system is compromised: Sleep disorders, colic and irritability, difficulties with breastfeeding, recurring ear aches and other infections, bedwetting, learning and attention difficulties, to favouring one side of their neck, and poor posture or limited joint movement. 

Your child’s nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls everything from breathing and digesting, to running, playing, thinking and feeling. Interference can impair your child’s ability to function at their best. 

Bayview Chiropractic Clinic specialises in therapy treatment involving an extensive range of children's chiropractic conditions: Growing pains, lower back ache and pain, sore back or neck, and back discomfort, stiff neck, headaches, shoulder pain, posture adjustment, alignment and realignment of the spine, general/localised stiffness, lumbar pain, muscle spasm(s), pinched nerve, sciatica pain and problems, disc injuries and slip disc.

Paediatric chiropractic care can assist a range of common childhood conditions such as colic, asthma, allergies, recurrent chest and ear infections and behavioural problems. It can also assist in improved coordination, strength and flexibility, decreased occurrence of colds and flu, happier healthier kids that rest more easily. Children having chiropractic care can have less spinal degeneration and problems in adulthood. Early detection and prevention of scoliosis is possible. Chiropractic stimulates brain activity and development, and increases emotional balance and feeling of general wellbeing.

Our kids’ chiropractor in Mordialloc is friendly, highly skilled and professional. We offer safe, gentle, and effective chiropractic care for your child's development. 

Bayview Chiropractic Clinic places each child's health first. We offer comprehensive care from initial consultation and diagnosis through to each child’s specific treatment plan that enables your child to grow free of pain and discomfort and be the best they can be.

Some of the benefits of Chiropractic care for children include:

  • Helping a range of common childhood conditions including colic, asthma, allergies, recurrent chest and ear infections and behavioural problems
  • Improved coordination, strength and flexibility
  • Decreased occurrence of colds and flu
  • Being happier, healthier and resting more easily
  • Less spinal degeneration and problems in adulthood
  • Early detection and prevention of scoliosis
  • Stimulating brain activity and development
  • Increased emotional balance and feeling of general wellbeing
Did you know that a child’s backpack should ideally be no heavier than 10% of their total body weight when packed? 

The Chiropractor’s Association of Australia has recently revealed research findings that show that 75% of students are not wearing their backpacks correctly. 

Be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Jim for your childs’ FREE backpack assessment.

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