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At Bayview Chiropractic we understand the effects of acute and chronic back pain. We aim to ensure our patients become and remain pain free so they can live a full and healthy life.

When any of the 24 movable bones of the spine, called vertebrae, lose their normal motion, the function of the nerve system is diminished. Chiropractic locates, reduces or eradicates interferences to the nerve system. We gently restore correct motion to the spine to alleviate pain and discomfort and related conditions including headaches, sinus, period pain, and indigestion.

The back pain experts at Bayview Chiropractic Clinic specialise in therapy and treatment that covers an extensive range of conditions and injuries. Bayview Chiropractic can assist with lower back pain, generalised back pain, back and neck ache, sore back, and discomfort of the back, stiff neck, headaches, shoulder pain, acute back and neck pain, posture adjustment, alignment and realignment of the spine, general/localised stiffness, lumbar pain, muscle spasm, localised spasms, pinched nerve, sciatica pain and problems, disc injuries and slip disc.

Our therapeutic remedies are based on the ability to locate the causes of pain and bring pain relief. Through professional posture advice, correct back exercises and ongoing maintenance, we aim to ensure you avoid further problems.

The back pain chiropractors at Bayview are friendly, highly skilled and professional. We offer safe, gentle, and effective chiropractic care for all ages.

Bayview Chiropractic Clinic places each patient's health first. We offer comprehensive care from initial consultation and diagnosis through to each individual’s specific treatment plan.

We offer HealthPoint claim facilities for private health insurance, and are registered with the TAC, Workcover, Department of Veteran's Affairs and Medicare if your condition is third party related.

12 Reasons Why Chiropractic is the Best Choice for Back Pain

1. Chiropractic is recommended before surgery – Surgery always carries a risk and should be avoided is possible. Patients should try Chiropractic before resorting to surgical intervention. 

2. Chiropractic Helps you Avoid Surgery Too – A study from the journal Spine found that patients who used Chiropractors were less likely to have surgery for their back. 

3. Chiropractic is Better than Drugs – drugs carry many side effects and Chiropractic care can help avoid the need to take pain relief medication

4. Chiropractic Prevents Future Cases of Back Pain – In another study researchers found that Chiropractic helped prevent back pain in patients with work related injuries. 

5. Chiropractic Saves You Money – A study that compared chiropractic to medical care found that chiropractic patients spent less on health care than medical patients. 

6. Chiropractic is more Effective than epidural injections for disc herniations – A 2013 study found that back pain patients had better outcomes and lower health care costs with chiropractic than those who had epidural injections for spinal disc herniations.

7. Chiropractic is the Best Option for Sacroiliac Joint Pain - Dysfunction the sacroiliac joint can cause severe back pain and sciatica. A recent study reports a 72% success rate for patients who use chiropractic for SI joint pain.

8. Chiropractic is the Best Option for Sports Related Back Pain - Back pain is a common sports injury, and a study from the journal Sports Health found that chiropractic was the best option for treatment.

9. Chiropractic is Safe - The prestigious medical journal Spine found that chiropractic is a safe choice for back pain patients.

10. Chiropractic is Beneficial for Back Pain in Pregnancy - Many pregnant women suffer from back pain, and regular medical treatments or drugs can be unsafe. A 2006 study found that chiropractic is a safe and effective way to relieve the symptoms of back pain during this important time.

11. Chiropractic Helps Older Patients with Back Pain - As we get older, our spine loses flexibility and we’re more likely to develop back pain. A 2013 study found that chiropractic is safe and effective at reducing back pain in older patients.

12. Chiropractic Best for Teens with Back Pain - A recent British study found that for teens with back pain, chiropractic offered the biggest improvements.

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